One Perfect Chord

One Perfect Chord By JD Miller One perfect chord  Kept drifting in through the walls  Of our brand new apartment,  One piece of what my wife, With her feet up in my lap Tells me is a very famous song.  One perfect chord, And a bunch of other very good ones, They kept on marching … Read more


Idle By JD Miller Maurice lived on the opposite side of the day. He worked while most people slept, he slept alone while most people were awake together. And most of his friends were dead. He didn’t mind so much anymore. They were more dependable this way. He knew right where to find them, because … Read more

The Human Café

The Human Café By JD Miller Introduction: A picture of a café:  Let me tell you a story.  It’s not a very pretty story. But there aren’t very many stories that are pretty all the way through and still worth telling.  It starts with a bench, beside a window; vinyl and ketchup and ceiling fans … Read more