Poetry Week: The Finale  

Poetry is more than a hobby. It's more than an art form. It's an alphabet, a medium for outcry and expression. A means to connect us, elevate us, and awaken us, navigating the heart and the mind, nurturing the soul. It's an ancient language, that's still very much alive. 

Over here at TTAG, we write a lot of poetry. And by 'Over here,' I mean 'Everywhere.' We've literally received poetry submissions written in every corner of the globe: from Malaysia to Belize, to Hong Kong, Greece, and right here in Portland, OR. We love our poets, just like we love our poetry, and hope you'll take some time to connect with us through your choice of the titles listed below! Just click a title and have at it!

If you decide you want to submit some poetry of your own, you can do that right here. Just send your submissions to jdmillerbooks@gmail.com with the subject like 'Poetry Submissions,' and we will get back in touch with you ASAP about your poem! 

Interested in participating in another Poetry Week challenge? We're interested in having you! Just bear with us while we plan when the next event will be. 

In the meantime, read some poetry! Take some time to appreciate the world around you, and try to see things that other people miss. Then, if you can what you saw into words, you've got yourself a poem.