About TTAG

We are living in a New Renaissance.

I don't necessarily have a lot of sources to back that up, but this is a personal blog, so bear with me.

We have the enormous benefit, you and I, (along with the enormous uncertainty) of living in an age when art and literature are being reinvented. A new generation of voices is on the rise, voices that will determine how our culture grows, how it's guided, and how it sees itself. Make no mistake, your voice and mine are included in that generation. Which means that you and I really do get a say in what happens next. It's an inspiring opportunity, and a pretty daunting responsibility all in one. (Thanks, Uncle Ben.)

My hope in creating this blog isn't to build a platform to stand on, but a creative community where writers, poets, artists, mutual Billy Joel Enthusiasts, even people who just know each other through Instagram, can share the work they're proud of and the ideas that matter to them, share the pieces of themselves that make us unique and the same all at once.

A place where we can look over at each other, instead of up. Give each other a smile and a hand up. Share a cup of tea, and build some bridges. I can't tell you for sure that you'll find a whole lot of right answers in places like this. But with any luck, you might find some important questions. And just knowing the question is half of finding the answer.

Or, maybe you just enjoy reading. And that's fine, too!

Seriously, Welcome. I'm delighted you're here!

For questions or comments, or if you've got a short story, photo gallery, a song, a painting, a poem, an anything that you want to share, reach out at jdmillerbooks@gmail.com

Yours, JD Miller