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Hey there, TTAG fans! You may have noticed a bit of a prolonged absence over the last spring and summer. With everything happening in the world right now, from the Coronavirus Pandemic, to Racial Justice issues in the US, not to mention about a million other things that have been weighing on all our minds, we felt it was best to take a sobatical, in hopes of leaving the airwaves clearer for more important voices. For that reason, we have taken a six-month break from posting here, and making new podcast episodes.

Truth be told, I breifly considered making this a permanent transition. Maybe you can sympathize, but I couldn't help feeling, at times, like these little stories didn't mean as much as I wanted them to, like there was something more pressing that needed to be said. I'm still searching for exactly what that may be.

I'm lucky enough, though, to have people in my life who know better! I'm excited to re-open the doors of TTAG. Maybe you know exactly how to use your voice, and what you want to say; maybe you know where your impact will be greatest. Nevertheless, I'm aware that many of us are still in the process of looking for our voice, our place.

Maybe this digital community can be your training ground, the place where you sharpen and smooth out your own voice. Maybe it's an escape, a few precious minutes to take a respite from the turbulence of our lives and have a fantasy snack.

Whatever your reason for being here, I'm glad you're here. TTAG--and the World--wouldn't be the same without you.

Welcome to TTAG!

You have entered the digital headquarters of a creative community. Whether you knew it or not, simply by reading this, you have become an essential piece of that community. Your input, your consideration, your participation, are all appreciated, welcome, and necessary. 

Here you will find a collection of short stories, poetry, art, photography, creative projects and project updates from numerous contributors. Browse! Peruse! Find a story you like. Learn something, feel something, think. And come back soon for more!

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